Entertainment + Art

Entertainment + Art

We offer consulting services to all parties involved in the cultural and art markets, including artists, collectors, museums, art companies, event promoters, sponsors, and cultural associations. We are knowledgeable in copyright law, cultural sponsorship, cultural heritage theatre rights, art in the digital age, and entertainment law (including movies, concerts, musicals, and stage productions).

You need the protections that copyright, and trademarks offer because the Internet makes it simple to disseminate artistic creations around the world.

In the past, we have assisted client’s advice on public artist calls and helped them choose artwork for venues controlled by the government and the public. We have experience with the specific issues that arise in the production, distribution, licensing, and other exploitation of entertainment properties across a wide range of platforms, including documentaries, corporate videos, film and television productions, licensing of literary properties, and comprehensive management of rights and clearances. We use our in-depth legal expertise and industry understanding to support our clients on everything from talent agreements and releases through rights clearance, production, and distribution.

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