Corporate Commercial

Corporate Commercial

Historically Dubai’s economy was built on the oil industry. However present development has seen Multinational Corporations from different sectors like Information Technology, Media, Banking, Hospitality and many more come and set up their businesses in GCC.

Businesses in the UAE need to comply with a wide range of procedures and legal processes. At M&CO Legal, we provide corporate and commercial advisory services to ensure that your business transactions are conducted smoothly, and your business interests are legally protected.

Our strength lies in our in-depth understanding and knowledge of the local legal and regulatory environment which, when coupled with the delivery of our advice in line with international and domestic legal standards, enables us to provide the most cost-effective, practical, and commercial advice whilst ensuring legal objectives are also met.

M&CO Legal has an enviable Corporate Governance expertise that has proved to be the center of high value and complex corporate advisory matters. The team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in all areas of Corporate Governance including the development and amendment of corporate governance policies, review of existing policies, map of best practices locally and globally, regular disclosure and implementation of transparency and accountability procedures for the Board of Directors, execution of audit and internal controls, verification systems for conflict of interests and other party transactions, drafting and implementation of whistle blowing processes.

The team boasts of specialized services involving cross-disciplinary expertise in balancing the interests of multiple stakeholders. We advise banks, family businesses and public and private companies on their corporate governance practices. Providing more than just advice, our clients receive a tailored manual specific to their needs in light of new regulations and policies. Additionally, we maintain constant communication with regulators within the region, ensuring we remain on top of corporate governance requirements.

Looking at revamping your corporate structure? UAE laws set down a number of clauses that an organization needs to adhere to while Corporate Restructuring.

M&CO Legal services will ensure a smooth legal transition for your manpower as well as time to plan your strategy. Our services will include planning, advice on legal requirements, ownership, and operational and legal restructuring to ensure that your overall corporate objective is achieved in line with the existing legal framework of UAE.

The strength of our team comes not only from our in-depth knowledge and experience of regional laws and regulations, but also from our awareness of local regulatory practices achieved through close working relationships with regulatory authorities and ministries.

In a competitive market such as the UAE, corporations have to constantly analyse and modify their capital gains, risks, and investment portfolio.

At M&CO Legal, we recognize the risks faced across sectors and territories when it comes to diversifying risks to raise capital. From structuring separate LLCs to drafting and implementing JV agreements, we have the knowledge, connection, and resources to ensure efficient facilitation of any private equity, investment or joint venture requirements for your organization. We achieve reliable and competitively focused outcomes due to our thorough understanding of regional legal issues and practical know-how.


M&CO Legal provides the best legal support in family law, inheritance & succession segments. Our core competencies include DIFC-certified Wills Draftsman Services and Probate Proceedings, and we handle nuances of Probate matters respecting the sensitivity and emotional aspects. We assist in making sure your assets are dealt with and distributed in line with your plan and related wishes are carried out in the event of any fatality or if in are incapacitation and unable to make decisions for yourself. We provide integrated inheritance/estate planning services including legal advice on Trusts.

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