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Arbitration professionals and business representatives from across the world will come together to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the African context.
The MENA region presents a unique landscape for mergers and acquisitions, characterized by dynamic growth opportunities and a variety of complex challenges.
Fundamentals of corporate governance principles to navigating recent amendments to the Corporate Governance Code for UAE Listed Companies. From compliance and risk management strategies to the pivotal role of boards of directors in ensuring effective governance, every aspect was thoroughly examined and discussed.
Latest legal developments in the UAE affecting non-Muslim residents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Cyprus Arbitration Day is a premier event dedicated to exploring the nuances and advancements in arbitration, an essential mechanism for resolving disputes outside the traditional courtroom.
The International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) is a worldwide non-governmental organization devoted to promoting the use and improving the process of arbitration, conciliation, and other forms of dispute resolution.