We are different
in every way.

M&Co Legal

We know from experience that every client is different, and every case is unique. We’re all international lawyers from various legal bodies and jurisdictions. We are diverse not only through our language and ethnic

backgrounds but also in how we approach each case, the solutions we offer and how we find a way, whatever the challenge.

A little about us

With a clear vision of developing a boutique legal firm with international exposure, Dr Mahmoud Hussein founded M & Co. in 2012. Our mission was to provide solution-orientated services founded on local knowledge and supported by internationally-accredited standards and expertise. Today, M & Co. is known as one of the UAE’s most innovative legal firms, serving a select group of clients with quality mandates and global reach.

At M & Co., we believe that the key to providing exceptional legal services is understanding our clients’ businesses and working environments. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience in litigation, arbitration, and negotiation to every case, but we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves on providing personalized legal solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. This approach leads to cost savings, faster resolution of legal issues, and better outcomes for our clients.

What sets M & Co. apart from other legal firms is our ability to innovate and find creative solutions to complex legal issues. Our team of diverse lawyers and staff from different legal backgrounds and jurisdictions share a common goal: to bring their unparalleled experience to the table with a modern and innovative approach to problem-solving. We use unique technologies and methods that make us stand out from the competition, and our expertise in certain industries or types of legal issues gives us an edge.

Over the past decade, M & Co. has achieved many successes and earned several accolades. For example, we supported the establishment of the DIFC and ADGM and have helped many other entities achieve their legal goals. Our clients have consistently praised our personalized approach and the exceptional results we deliver.

At M & Co., we believe that diversity is the key to delivering exceptional results for our clients. From our team’s ethnic and linguistic backgrounds to our approach to problem-solving, we celebrate and embrace differences in all their forms. We’re a legal firm that is different in every way and we’re proud of it.


Our purpose – is to provide solution-orientated legal services founded on local knowledge and supported by internationally-accredited standards and expertise


Our Vision is simple – Legal services which focus on innovative resolutions.


Our daily mission is to empower our clients to navigate legal challenges with confidence and clarity.

Our values

At M & Co, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized and customized legal solutions to our clients. Our foundation is built on core values that define who we are as a company: integrity, honour, objectivity, credibility, and impartiality. These values are not just words on a page; they represent the principles that guide us in everything we do.

We recognize that the legal landscape is constantly evolving, and we remain agile and adaptable to meet the needs of our clients in this dynamic environment. We approach every case with creativity and innovation, using our legal expertise to provide solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.

Our commitment to our clients is unwavering, and we work tirelessly to ensure that their objectives are achieved. We believe that success is not just about the results we achieve; it’s about the relationships we build. We strive to be more than just legal advisors; we aim to be trusted partners who understand our clients’ businesses and work collaboratively with them to achieve their goals.

We foster a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and continuous learning. Our team of legal experts represents a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, which allows us to approach legal challenges from multiple angles. We encourage experimentation and innovation, recognizing that the most effective solutions often come from taking calculated risks and thinking outside the box.

Our core values, combined with our commitment to innovation and collaboration, set us apart from other legal firms. At M&P, we are driven to provide exceptional legal solutions that deliver real value to our clients.

Some Highlights of our story

Founded MHLF – our first location was the Ubora office 905 from April 2013 to April 2016

Moved to business bay offices in May 2016

Initiated the Arbitration Department. Legal 500- 2017 – A leading law firm – Dispute Resolution – first ranking

Chambers & Partners 2020 – Domestic: Dispute Resolution – first ranking

Opened the Abu Dhabi office in 2021

ALB Awards won the rising law firm of the Year – 2022

Rebranded to M&Co Legal and moved to our new DIFC office